Goa Gajah " Gajah Cave " Bali Indonesia

Goa Gajah, literally means 'Elephant Cave”. Although named by 'elephant' it doesn't mean there is any real elephant live or ever live here. The name Goa Gajah derived from 'Lawa Gajah', which is mentioned in the manuscripts that found in this site. This temple complex was built for the first time around 11 century based on epigraph found in this site.

A seven-meters deep cave with a shape of T-letter is the major attraction of this Bedulu village's local temple. The cave it self is carved in a solid stone hill of the river valley. The main figure of the carving at the cave entrance is 'boma', a barong face, accompanied with big clapping fingers on its side. Leaf, flower, and some horror figures can be noticed if we give more attention look to the rest of the carving. Some holes that are considered to be used as meditation or sleeping quarters can be found in the wall of the cave. Nowadays, those holes are used to place offerings whenever there is ceremonies taking place. On the left end side of the cave is Ganesha statue, believe it as 'the God of knowledge'. Meanwhile on the right end side can be found three 'linggas', that each of them dedicated to the three common God manifestations in Bali, Brahma, Wisnu, and Siwa. There are other three stone carvings in the centre wall, one of them figuring head and face.

Three other statues of Ganesha, demons and Men Brayut, a legendary lady with her beloved children, are placed on a high building located on the left side of cave entrance. It is considered that these statues are 1000 years old. In the middle of the complex, in front of the cave, there is bathing place that is not any longer used by the local people. The angle figures within the bathing complex are about similar to common figures found in India. On the south part of the complex, there are along flight of step leads down the lower part of the valley. After crossing a bridge above a small creek and follow another flight of steps up to eastern side of the valley, a headless sitting Buddha statue can be seen. This is the evident of a close relationship between the two religions.

Candidasa Beach Bali Indonesia

Located 85 km north-east of the airport, Candidasa is a relaxing beach area close to cultural treasures like Pura Besakih ("Bali's Mother Temple") While the beach is not one of Bali's best, the tranquility of Candidasa has attracted a number of exclusive hotels like the Amankila and the Chedi. Candidasa is most often compared to Kuta as Kuta was some 20 years ago. The comparison has some merit -Candidasa is a small village with few inhabitants on the beach with a several- mostly inexpensive hotels that cater to the more adventurous tourists looking for a more laid back atmosphere to explore the cultural heritage of Bali. Being some 85 km from the airport ensures some tranquility, however as more people discover that there is quite a bit to see and do in Candidasa the area is developing rapidly with many first class hotels now sprouting up.

It was a calm small fishing village, but since five years ago, it built with a dozen of losmen (house to stay), hotels and restaurants, and many travelers prefer Candidasa, calmer than Kuta, cheaper than Sanur, and the best place to stay and to explore the oriental part of Bali. It is especially popular among the submarines but the main problem is the beach has erosion as quickly as the new hotels were built.

Bratan Lake Bali indonesia

Bratan Lake is located next to Mount Bratan and Mount Catur. It is the second largest lake in Bali. Filling the crater of the inactive volcano Mount Catur, Bratan Lake sits at over 1,200 meters above sea level. The important temple of Pura Ulun Danu solemnly guards the lake. The resort area of Bedugul offers excellent views of the lake, as well as a number of water activities. Providing a cool retreat from the hot and humid regions of Bali, its shores provide the traveler with hotels and restaurants and its cool waters offer parasailing, water-skiing, banana-boat rides and other water sports. Some Japanese caves across the lake were dug during World War II. While in the area hike to the beautiful shrines that dot the lakeshore and forested hills around the lake or visit the beautiful Pura Ulun Danu Bratan.

Not far from here are Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake, two of the four large lakes on Bali, which can also be worth a visit. Bratan has an altitude of about 1.000 meters, the climate is quite comfortable, at nights we may even need some warm cloths. The area round the lake is well equipped to cater for visitors, with facilities for various water sports (motorboats, water-skiing, bathing) and a good restaurant.

Besakih Tample Bali Indonesia

Over a thousand years old, Besakih Temple is known as the "Mother Temple of Bali" Perched on the slopes of Mount Agung, at a lofty 1,000 meters (3,000 feet). Besakih is the biggest and holiest of all the Balinese temples. Bali's mother temple stands against a stupendous mountain backdrop on the southeastern slopes of Mount Agung. Named after the Dragon God believed to inhabit the mountain, it's said to be the only temple where a Hindu of any caste can worship.

Eighteen separate sanctuaries belonging to different regencies and caste groups surround the three main temples dedicated to Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. To the Balinese, visiting the temple sanctuaries is a special pilgrimage. The mountain top setting gives it an almost mystical quality.
The largest on the island, this massive complex of 35 small temples attracts staggering numbers each year, being the main point of pilgrimage for Balinese Hindus. Steps ascend through split gates to the main courtyard where the Trinity shrines, dedicated to Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, are wrapped in cloth and decorated with flower offerings. There are number of temples but many of their inner courtyards are closed to visitors. Tracing its origins to prehistoric times, the complex was untouched by the great 1963 eruption of Mount Agung, which wiped out surrounding villages. The complex also houses the oldest remaining gamelan instrument in Bali called selonding. The temple ceremony (odalan) falls on the 10th month of the Balinese calendar, in April. If traveling, try to reach Pura Besakih before 9am, when many tourist buses start to arrive, so that we can take in the lovely temple in the quiet Balinese morning.

Bedugul Bali Indonesia

Bedugul is the name of both a small city and a mountain-lake resort area, which Balinese have long used for weekend retreats. Bedugul is located on the main north-south road between Denpasar and Singaraja in cool damp mountain country, an excellent base for walking trips around the lakes and surrounding hills. Bedugul is located in a high plateau at the center of the Island. Cool air and mists are natural for the place. Bedugul is a resort in Bratan Mountains, famous for its golf course; and also the Ulun Danu. Ulu Danu is an amazing temple, which seems to have risen out of Bratan Lake 1,200metres above sea level. There are many water sports available here are boating, water skiing, and parasailing. When the heat and humidity are get, why not escape to Bedugul. Bali's highland retreat has tucked into the crater of an extinct volcano 1400 meters above sea level. Here three lakes provide everything from recreation to the water for springs, rivers and rice fields below. Lush pine forests seem to create freshness in the air. Bedugul is known for the quality of its fruit, vegetables and flowers. There are several places to stay near the lake and there is also an interesting temple, botanical gardens, an excellent golf course and a variety of activities on Lake Bratan itself.

Bedugul is a favorite place for Balinese family for weekend picnic. Bedugul is also a center of horticulture. We'll find plenty of fruits and vegetables here. Here we find 3 of Bali 4 lakes, Bratan, Buyan, and Tamblingan. Bratan, the largest of the three is perfect place for water sports such as para sailing, motor boating, jet skiing, water skiing, canoeing, etc. Bedugul fertile soil also produced abundance of plants and trees, some of them formed rain forests with their exotic birds, monkeys, and other creatures.

Batur Lake

Batur Lake is the old crater of Mount Batur, a still active volcano next to it. It is located on the northern part of Bali. The largest lake overshadowed by the active volcano is located in Bangli Regency, at the northeast of Bali. Batur Lake is the widest lake in this island. It lies down in the feet of Mount Batur and Mount Abang. The lake is classified as a "neutral-dilute" lake because there is no known underlying hydrothermal activity, and the abundant rainfall more than quenches any such activity. There is a hot spring right by the lake. We can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Batur Lake from Kintamani. Across the lake, only reachable by boat, lies Trunyan village, where the Bali Aga people live. The surrounding of the lake is a favorite place for picks self up. At Batur Lake we can see the scenic view and feel cool atmosphere. Bangli's mountainous region center is around the spectacular volcanic crater (or caldera) of Batur. Mount Batur adjacent to the volcano is the large crescent-shaped Batur Lake, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater rim. The place is a great day trips, trekking or just to get away from the daily activity.

Mount Batur itself is actually just a small volcano, but sets in the heart of a huge crater 14km in diameter. Adjacent to the volcano is the large crescent-shaped Batur Lake, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater rim. As the road rises steadily from Bangli or Tampaksiring, nothing in the surrounding gray landscape of bushes and garden plots suggests the presence of a volcano. But over one more small ridge a dizzying view awaits the ayes, encompassing the crater and beyond. From Panelokan, the main road runs right round the rim towards Kintamani, the panorama shifting as we circle around the crater. One very interesting excursion in Batur is the climb down the inside of the crater from Penelokan to Kedisan. We can then drive around the smaller Mount Batur, through Songan. From Toya Bungkah, boats cross the lake to a Bali Aga village called Trunyan. This place is notorious for its mortuary traditions. Instead of cremating the dead, as Balinese do throughout most of the island, the Trunyan communities leave the bodies to decompose naturally in a special cemetery.

Amlapura Bali pleace

Amlapura is east Bali's major transport terminal and so, well connected to all parts of Bali. It was known as Karangasem until 1963, when the mighty Agung volcano unfortunately, erupted with spectacular force and even more spectacular damage. So, Karangasem underwent a name change and was "reborn" as Amlapura to rid itself of any "unlucky" association, which might provoke a much-feared recurrence. The old Puri Agung Karangasem Palace was once the seat of the past King of Karangasem. The visitors can walk around the old palace. The ruins of the Taman Ujung water Palace are conveniently located 3km south of Amlapura. When visiting Amlapura, it is best to stay at Tirta Gangga, not because of any spectacular eruptions, but for the sake of comfort and luxury.

The main attraction of Amlapura is its traditional palaces or puri. There is a western, a northern, a southern and an eastern puri as well as several others, all still occupied by members of the royal family. Of these, only the Puri Kangin (the eastern palace) on the main road to the market is easily visited. This is worth a look, as it gives a vivid impression of how local royals used to live. The palace buildings themselves are in fact an eccentric blend of Chinese and European details set in what is essentially a traditional Balinese compound with several pavilions and room surrounded by pools and connected by walk ways. The main hall is called the "Bale London" and the furniture curiously bears the crest of the British royal family. One can even rent rooms here the perfect accommodation for the aspiring aristocrat.

Nusa Lembongan Island " Bali guide"

Nusa Lembongan, a small island between Bali and Nusa Penida in Badung Strait, is the perfect holiday hideaway with few visitors and pristine un-spoilt beaches. A low, protected island about 11 km southeast of mainland Bali, measuring only four by three km and ringed with mangrove swamps, and palms and white sandy beaches. Inland the terrain is scrubby and very dry, with volcanic stonewalls and processional avenues crisscrossing the small cactus-covered hills. Overlooking Sanghiang Bay with its clear blue waters, the Nusa Lembongan Resort offers a panoramic view of eastern Bali and the majestic silhouette of Mount Agung. Known for its great surf, the excellent crystal-clear waters also make it a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. It's still a basic place, but interesting, and there are some lovely places to stay.

The island is small enough to explore on foot, offering pristine beaches and coves, majestic views of Mount Agung, unique Balinese architecture, and the friendliness of a simple country folk. With a lack of arable land and a severe shortage of tourist attractions, the island's economy is limited to its underwater wealth-seaweed. A secondary occupation is catering to visiting surfers. Between Nusa Lembongan and the adjacent of Nusa Ceningan Island, the population is only 60,000.

There are just two villages on Nusa Lembongan, the large, spread out administrative center of Lembongan Village, and Jungut Batu village. Surfers and backpackers hang out in the latter, about 150 per month, for an average stay of three to five days. The only other visitors are European, Japanese, and Australian day-trippers on excursion boats. Jungut Batu offers the island's best accommodations and water sport opportunities. There's motorcycle traffic between the two villages and it's easy to get a lift. Both villages are heavily involved in the cultivation of seaweed. Before government-supported commercial seafood production in 1980, the people of the island lived on maize, cassava, tuber, beans, and peanuts. Today most everyone is involved in one way or another with cultivation of "sea vegetables," and the air is permeated with its smell.

Visit the seaweed gardens at low tide; they look like gigantic underwater botanical gardens. Two kinds are grown, the small red pinusan and the large green kotoni. Almost the entire crop is exported to Hong Kong for use in the cosmetics and food processing industries. After harvesting, gatherers leave a floating offering of rice and flowers that gently drifts away on the outgoing tide.

Life on Nusa Lembongan is very relaxing, with cool breezes, little traffic, no big hotels, no pollution, no stress, no photocopy machines, and hardly any telephones. Best of all, there are almost no pedagang acung (pushy vendors) and few thieves. Jungut Batu's charming "tree house" bungalow-style accommodations with outdoors open-air 'mandi', rickety wooden furniture, sand floor restaurants and offices are reminiscent of Kuta Beach 20 years ago. Crops are meager, and the only fruit available is melon. All other food must be imported from the market in Denpasar or from the neighboring island of Nusa Penida.

Bali Hotels deal : La Taverna Bali Hotel

La Taverna Bali Hotel From 1/15/2007 to 6/30/2007 only US$ 47! not (US$ 60)La Taverna Bali Hotel is set in tropical gardens that stretch to the white sands and clear blue waters of Sanur Lagoon. This offer valid for ROH (Run of House)

La Taverna Bali Hotel is set in tropical gardens that stretch to the white sands and clear blue waters of Sanur Lagoon, the hotel is ideally situated close to shops and markets.

The hotel is designed to allow for maximum privacy and quiet, qualities which can be felt the instant one sets foot upon the premises through the main gate. The gate, echoing a combination of Javanese and Balinese influences, is a reflection of the antique style decor of the hotel.

A total of 34 rooms decorated with antique Balinese furniture and have Balinese doors at entrance to room and bathrooms.

(Source Bali Discovery Tours)

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Bali Hotels deal : La Taverna Bali Hotel

La Taverna Bali Hotel From 1/15/2007 to 6/30/2007 only US$ 47! not (US$ 60)La Taverna Bali Hotel is set in tropical gardens that stretch to the white sands and clear blue waters of Sanur Lagoon. This offer valid for ROH (Run of House)

La Taverna Bali Hotel is set in tropical gardens that stretch to the white sands and clear blue waters of Sanur Lagoon, the hotel is ideally situated close to shops and markets.

The hotel is designed to allow for maximum privacy and quiet, qualities which can be felt the instant one sets foot upon the premises through the main gate. The gate, echoing a combination of Javanese and Balinese influences, is a reflection of the antique style decor of the hotel.

A total of 34 rooms decorated with antique Balinese furniture and have Balinese doors at entrance to room and bathrooms.

(Source Bali Discovery Tours

- Find Hotel in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak Area
- Bali News – Where Indonesian TV Stars Go on Blind
- Bali News Update : "Giving Credit to Bali as a Conference Destination"
- Bali News Update "PATA Travel Mart in Bali September 25-28, 2007"

Bali News – Where Indonesian TV Stars Go on Blind

Indonesian TV and Screen Idols Participate in Romantic Dream Date with Winners of Nation-Wide Contest.

Bali's Hard Rock Hotel recently hosted five winners from five Indonesian cities in the Clear Kencan Impain a Dream Date contest sponsored by a leading shampoo producers.

Winners of the contest were hosted to tours of Bali and a romantic candle-light dinners in a pool-side private cabana at Hard Rock Bali Hotel accompanied by one of Indonesia's leading TV stars.

Portions of the dream holiday and dream dates were covered by two national networks for later broadcast.]
Left to right, Jamal Hussain (wearing glasses), General Manager of the Hotel, together with four of the participating stars - songstress and actress Titi Kamal; Indonesian soap-opera idol Samuel Rizal ; film-star Nicholas Saputra ; and Film and TV actor Marcel Candrawinata.

Not appearing in the photo, but participating in the special "blind date" contest was soap-opera actress Nia Ramadhani.

(Source: Bali Discovery Tours)

Bali News Update : "Giving Credit to Bali as a Conference Destination"

100 Delegates from 10 Countries Expected in Bali for ACSIC Conference November 5-8, 2007.

Bali will act as host to a conference on extending financial credits to small and medium sized businesses scheduled to take place in Bali in November 5-8, 2007.

The 20th Asian Credit Supplementation Institution Confederation Conference (ACSIC) will draw some 100 delegates from 10 countries including Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea and India.

The declared theme of the November 2007 meeting will be "how ACSIC members can contribute to fostering small & medium-sized enterprises."

Acting as the host committee for the Bali conference are two Indonesian credits companies - PT Askrindo Perum Sarana Pengembangan Usaha and PT Penjaminan Kredit Pengusaha Indonesia..

Organizers of the Bali conference have expressed the wish that those attending will create a Bali Declaration that will support expanding the availability of credit to small and medium sized enterprises and acknowledges the ability of that sector of the economy to create employment and reduce unemployment.

The decision to hold the 20th ACSIC meeting in Bali was reached at the 19th ACSIC conference held in Kuala Lumpur November 19-22, 2006.

(Source: Bali Discovery Tours)

Bali News Update "PATA Travel Mart in Bali September 25-28, 2007"

1,500 Top Decision Makers from the World Travel Industry Expected in Bali for Leading Travel Event of the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Travel Mart 2007 to be held in Bali September 25-28, 2007 is expected to attract 1,500 top sellers and buyers of travel from around the world.

Headquartered at the Bali International Convention Center (BICC) in Nusa Dua, the leading event on the Asia-Pacific travel industry calendar moves to a new host destination each year. The 2006 PATA Travel Mart was held in Hong Kong, while the 2008 PATA Travel Mart will move on to India after the 2007 event in Bali.

PATA Marts bring together the managers and sales staff of the leading hotels, attractions and tourism objects in the Asia-Pacific region with decision makers from top travel wholesalers, group organizers, and other travel product distributors for a series of intensive business appointments spread across the 3-day event.

For more information on how to participate as a buyer or seller at the Bali PATA Travel Mart 2007 follow the link to the PATA Website.

(Source: Bali Discovery Tours)

Find Hotel in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak Area

Kuta, Legian, Seminyak Area

Kuta Legian and Seminyak are located just north of the Bali International Airport and have traditionally been the traveler's first stop in Bali. Accommodation ranging from the simple to the superbly luxurious are available within walking distance of the beach, a wide stretch of palm-fringed sand known as one of the best places in the world to catch a wave.

The shopping in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak is the best you will find. You can buy everything from silver earrings to massive pieces of teak furniture along Jl. Legian. A wide array of restaurants - from simple places serving authentic Indonesian food to French bistros and American fast-food - line the area's streets.

Kuta, Legian and Seminyak is probably as famous for its night life as its beach; it takes some effort to be lonely in Kuta! For the traveler searching for the best blend of traditional culture and contemporary fun, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak is the place to be.

Discovery Kartika Plaza Beach Hotel
Discovery Kartika Plaza Beach Hotel beautifuly nestled on a 550 metre beach frontage of Tuban, south Kuta between Bali's International Airport and Kuta beach. Discovery Kartika Plaza Beach Hotel is only 10 minutes drive from the airport and just in a walking distance to the shopping center and entertainment district. The five-star Discovery Kartika Plaza Beach Hotel is set in 12 hectares of tropical gardens and is conveniently located for international conferences and incentives.

Natour Kuta Beach
Delightfully located on the famous Kuta, all Natour Kuta Beach 150 rooms and Bungalows are arranged in the high appreciation to the pure Balinese style, combined with attractive modern comfort facilities. Provides easy access to the array of colourfull culture, tourist attraction and destinations.

The Oberoi Bali
The Oberoi Bali is located on Legian beach, the most beautiful on the island, amidst 15 acres of tranquil landscaped gardens. The enticing atmosphere of a traditional Balinese village is re-created in the thatched-roof lanai cottages and private villas, some with their own pools. The Oberoi Bali enchanting private resort reflects the romance and timeless beauty of Bali.

Puri Tanah Lot
Puri Tanah Lot Hotel is located only 5 minutes to the beach by foot. Puri Tanah Lot Hotel is within walking distance to all the interesting sport in Kuta. Puri Tanah Lot Hotel is 20 minutes drive from the International Airport of Bali.

Hotel Santika Beach Bali
Right on the sands of Tuban Resort, South Kuta, the Hotel Santika Beach Bali overlooks the dazzling blue ocean and surrounded by acres of unspoiled tropical gardens. Shops, boutiques, nightspots, market and public transportation can be found just around the corner.

Hotel Sayang Maha Mertha
Hotel Sayang Maha Merta welcomes you to Bali the Island of God. Hotel Sayang Maha Merta is located in the famous village of Legian, a pleasant 10 minutes drive from the Bali International Airport, 4 minutes walk (100 metres) from the world famous sunset beach of Kuta, and 16 minutes exotic ride to Denpasar, the capital city of Bali.

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Bali guide

Where the Bali Hell are You?

A small group of Bali hotel and travel operators recently produced a tongue"in-cheek video advertisement to draw attention to their growing frustration with the Australian market's prolonged recalcitrance to return to Bali for their holidays.

Seeking to launch a low-cost Bali awareness campaign, the Little Bali Hotel & Resort Company (LBHRC) tore a page out of the controversial Australian Tourist Commissions "Where the Bloody Hell are You" campaign and created an amateur-quality video narrated by a traditionally dressed Balinese on a walking tour of Bali asking where the Australian tourists had gone?

The guerilla marketing campaign by Little Bali Hotel & Resort Company(LBHRC) is comprised of two parts: the initial spoof ad program distributed by Internet followed by a program of heavy discounts to the Australian market.

The eight members hotels of LBHRC are the Baleka Beach Resort, Bali Ayu Hotel & Villas, Bali Garden Hotel, Puri Etnik Hotel, Samsara Hotel & Spa, Su's Prince Cottages and Villa Coco.

Australian visitors have traditionally ranked as the second largest inbound market to Bali with Bali, in times past, being the most preferred overseas holiday destination for Australians. Current Austrial arrivals to Bali are nown by more than -55%, following a second terror attack in October 2005.

Bali info

Bali Art and Culture on European Tour

The Gigir Manuk Cultural Dialogue in cooperation with the Indonesian Department of Culture and Tourism, the Bali Tourism Authority and the Bali Tourism Board are conducting a road tour of Balinese Art & Culture to Europe from November 11-27, 2006.

Land Under the Rainbow

The cultural program, entitled "Land Under the Rainbow", will form the backdrop for a series of cocktail receptions hosted for the international travel industry, during which art & cultural performances by the renowned Bajra Sandhi Group will be presented during visits to the following European cities:

1.Brussels and Antwerp,
2.Belgium Den Haag, The Netherlands
4.Paris, France
5.Aachen, Germany

Bajra Sandhi Performance Troupe

Founded in 1991, the Sanggar Seni Kreativitas Bajra Sandhi, more commonly known as Bajra Sandhi, is a group of Balinese artists who emphasize the spiritual connection between God and the

arts. Striving for purity, truth and beauty through the arts - the troupe is comprised of 14 performers who alternate roles as dancers, musicians or singers " depending on the number being presented.

Past performance have brought the group to Athens, Greece where they performed in events paralleling the opening of the 2004 Olympic Games; to Hanoi where they helped celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Vietnam; and to numerous performance venues across Indonesia.

Among the highlights of the coming European tour, the group will present:

1.Gender Wayang - Music normally reserved as the accompaniment of a shadow puppet performance or for performance at a Balinese rites of passage - the Gender is based on a technically demanding rhythm motif, blending intertwined melodies with lively contrapuntal movements. Resonations created give a shimmering and vibrating quality, extremely rich in overtones, emanating from bronze keys struck with bare wooden mallets utilizing the pentatonic 'Slendro' tuning.
2.Baris Tunggal Dance - Inspired from the original Baris "Warrior" Dance, the name of this dance derives from the word "baris" meaning rows but also meaning troops of soldiers. With its recent development into a solo performance, the dance now describes the strength and grace of heroic movements of a soldier marching off to war.
3.Legong Keraton Dance - By legend, the Legong is the heavenly dance of divine nymphs. Of all classical Balinese dances, it remains the quintessence of femininity and grace. Girls from the age of five aspire to be selected to represent their community as Legong dancers. Foremost among the Legong repertoire is the Legong Kraton - formerly reserved for presentation only at Bali's royal courts. Highly stylized, the palace version of the dance enacts a drama performed by three dancers: the 'condong' - a female attendant of the court, and two identically dressed Legong dancers who adopt the roles of royal persons.
4.Jauk Dance - Taken from Bali's rich tradition of masked dance, the Jauk depicts a crooked and wicked giant king.
5.Sutasoma - A Balinese tari drama or dance-drama, the Sutasoma tells the story of the birth of Jinapati " the pure soul that arrives on earth with the birth of each newborn baby. Deriving his power from wisdom and peace, Sutasoma defeats the evil giant Purusadha through goodness and enlightenment.

The musical accompaniment in the dance drama derives from the rhythms of traditional lullabies for babies and children, where it at the same time also serves as a divine summon for the unseen 'good' forces to guard the infantile pure souls in this chaotic world.

Bali Info

BALI: friendly people, fascinating culture

Bali is one of thousands of beautiful islands in Indonesia, lies to the east of Java and the west of Lombok. Bali is well known as "The Goddess Island" or "The Island of The Thousand Puras/Temples." Bali is also associated with "Paradise", and not without reason. The combination of friendly, hospitable people, the physical beauty of the island, a magnificently visual culture infused with spirituality and (not least) spectacular beaches with great surfing and diving, and the year-round pleasant climate have made Bali Indonesia's unparalleled number one tourist attraction. That's why Bali is also a place regarded by many visitors as the "Ultimate Island". If it's not enough to convince you that Bali is so gorgeous, know this, the island of Bali is year after year voted by the readers of all major travel magazines as the most enchanting travel and holiday destination in the whole world.

Hence, what to do in Bali? The answer is endless. It depends entirely on you and yourself. Bali is a wonderful destination with something for everyone, and though heavily traveled, it is still easy to find some peace and quiet if you like. If you are a spa buff, you will find Bali as the world spa capital - from budget to most exclusive ones. If you are a beach lover, I'm sure you'll rate Bali among the top ten of your beach favorites. If you are an interior or fashion designer, Bali is the place where you can get the most unique and fresh ideas. Whatever you do, there is always a piece of Bali just right for you.

Yes, Bali is multidimensional. Culture, nature, arts, cuisine, sports, shopping, whatever - could be found at their most unique elements in Bali. Even doing nothing comes at its best in this Island of Paradise. During the Nyepi celebration - a yearly tradition where people observe silence, cease from doing any evil, cut out lights entirely. Unquestionably, it is the best remedial solution for your tired soul.

Bali info

BALI a Nice Destination for Family Holiday

Need something different for your family vacation? Try a trip to Bali. Imagine at one afternoon, the sky is painted orange, the sunlight cutting through the air that makes it so warm. Than imagine you laying down for tanning your body and smelling the scent of the ocean that relaxing your mind while the children playing on the sand building a gigantic sand of Eiffel tower.....or...castle.. or whatever. Isn't it well?

Yes, Bali is a great place for a family holiday - there are many hotels with rooms and facilities for families, great attractions and good food at reasonable prices. The shopping is great, you can buy anything from home wares to copy surf gear.

What about your kids? Don't worry; Bali is a very safe place for kids of all ages. Undeniably, Bali is a perfect place to take your kids. In Bali, you'll find lots of things to occupy your kids of all ages - and yourself, too. Bali is a great family holiday destination! Bali is a paradise for children. Just about every attraction on the island is children "friendly" - which makes Bali an ideal destination for parents as well. Beside that, all Balinese adore kids! The Balinese love children and are quite protective of them. They will often come up and strike a conversation with the kids and will sometimes pick them up and want to give them a hug. They will comment on how cute the "tourist" kids are. They'll love the natural surroundings, and there is no problem whatsoever to find a baby-sitter or somebody to take care of them wherever you go.

Bali Info

Best selection of cheap gifts from Bali

Visitors to Bali often like to shop for cheap gifts to bring home for friends. Even if you have a large, extended family, there is plenty of choice in Bali. The main places you will find the best selection of cheap gifts are Pasar Seni’s (art markets). In my opinion you could equally refer to them as junk markets, as there is nothing in them I’d actually buy, but for cheap nick-nacks they are handy.

An art market is basically a line of stalls, next to the street with goods spilling out all over. The most popular art markets are:
•Southern end of Kuta Square, close to Matahari department store, in between Jl. Kartika Plaza and the beach.
•The length of Poppies II heading back from the beach.
•Jl. Melasti in Legian.

Most popular stuff sold:
Bintang t-shirts, knock-off surf wear, place mat and other bamboo accessories, jewelry, hats, hanging decorations, sunglasses, watches, bags, cup holders, DVD’s, kids toys, paintings and wind chimes. There are of course hundreds of items, all mass produced and subject to negotiation.

In the past I have bought a soccer shirt at the pasar seni in Tuban. Asking price was 300,000rp, I paid 170,00rp I think. I later learned you can get them in Denpasar for 30,000rp. This pretty much is the rule for everything sold in art markets. Not much point in me telling you what things cost, as its up to you to convince the seller to part with it for your desired price. If you buy several items from the same vendor, your barganing power goes up.

Once in a while you might see a special gift that close friend would love, like these elegant paperweights. No harm in browsing, you can swoop a dozen gifts in an hour, for not much money. You do get what you pay for though, and a cheap watch will probably not work for long. Art markets usually open from around 9am-9pm.


The Bali Hospitals and clinics

Bali has a selection of hospitals and clinics. Most district capital cities, for example, Bangli, will have a hospital. The best hospital in Bali is Sanglah hospital in Denpasar. For tourists, if you have any serious problem, you’ll end up there.

Clinics favoured by tourists include SOS International & BIMC, both located in the Kuta area. Obviously if you have medical / travel insurance you would want to go to a western standard clinic (BIMC or SOS), if you don’t have insurance those places are very expensive. I’ve been to BIMC to get my conjunctivitis seen to.

Everything is relative and when I say Sanglah is a good hospital, that’s compared to the other one’s here. If you need serious surgery and its not life-threatening, its best to visit a foreign hospital. If you have medical / travel insurance, you’ll be able to choose where. Singapore is a good close option.

Army Hospital
Jl. Ngurah Rai, Singaraja
Phone : 362-41543

Army Hospital (RSAD)
Jl. Sudirman, Denpasar
Phone : 361-228003

Bali Clinic
Jl. Laksamana 54 XX Kerobokan Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-733301

Bali International Medical Center (BIMC)
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.100X Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-761263
Fax : 361-764345

Bali Nusa Dua Emergency Clinic #1
Jl Pratama No. 81 Nusadua, Denpasar
Phone : 361-771324

Bali Nusa Dua Emergency Clinic #2
Kompl. BTDC Nusa Dua, Denpasar
Phone : 361-772392

Bangli General Hospital
Jl. Kesumayuda 27, Bangli
Phone : 366-91521

Bhakti Rahayu Hospital
Jl. Gatot Subroto II/11, Denpasar
Phone : 361-430270

Clinic ARH Laboratorium
Jl. Diponegoro 55, Denpasar
Phone : 361-224422

Clinic Blanjong
Jl. Sri Kesari 15 Sanur, Denpasar
Phone : 361-287250

Clinic Brata Bakti Polda Bali
Jl. Kamboja No. 7, Denpasar
Phone : 361-232205

Clinic Epiderma
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 80, Denpasar
Phone : 361-235405

Clinic Laboratorium Sanur
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Sanur, Denpasar
Phone : 361-289078

Clinic Mas
Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud
Phone : 361-974573

Darma Kerti Hospital
Jl. Teratai 16, Tabanan
Phone : 361-812359

Dharma Usada Clinic
Jl. Sudirman No. 50, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227560

Dharma Yadnya Hospital
Jl. WR. Supratman Tohpati, Denpasar
Phone : 361-224729

Emergency Dental Treatment
Jl. Patimura 19, Denpasar
Phone : 361-222445, 361-226445

Emergency Unit Ambulances Service
Sanglah, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227911, 361-226035

Gianyar General Hospital
Jl. Ciung Wanara 2, Gianyar
Phone : 361-943049

Gianyar Public Hospital
Jl. Ngurah Rai, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227911

Graha Asih Hospital
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 33 x, Denpasar
Phone : 361-764860

Graha Usadha Hospital
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto, Denpasar
Phone : 361-413988

International SOS Medical Clinic & Evacuations
Jl By pass Ngurah Rai 505X, Kuta 80361
Phone : 361-710505
Fax : 361-710515

International Tourist Medical Services
Jl. Pulau Saelus No. 2 Sesetan, Denpasar
Phone : 361-240730

Karangasem General Hospital
Jl. Ngurah Rai, Karangasem
Phone : 363-21001

Karya Dharma Husada Hospital
Jl. Yudistira No. 7, Singaraja
Phone : 362-24356

Kasih Ibu Hospital
Jl. Teuku Umar No. 120, Denpasar
Phone : 361-237016

Kerta Usada Hospital #1
Jl. Ahamad Yani 108, Singaraja
Phone : 362-22396

Kerta Usada Hospital #2
Jl. Cendrawasih No. 5, Singaraja
Phone : 362-26277

Klungkung General Hospital
Jl. Flamboyan 40-4, Klungkung
Phone : 366-21371

Kuta Clinic
Jl. Raya Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-753268

Laboratorium Clinic
Jl. Gunung semeru No. 8, Tabanan
Phone : 361-819260

Legian Clinic
Jl. Benesari Legian Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-758503

Manuaba Clinic
Jl. Hos Tjokroaminoto No. 28, Denpasar
Phone : 361-226393

Manuaba Hospital
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 28, Denpasar
Phone : 361-426393

Mengwi Clinic
Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai 46, Tabanan
Phone : 361-880550

Negara General Hospital
Jl. Gelar, Negara
Phone : 365-41006

Niti Mandala Hospital
Jl. Tukad Unda No. 8, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227220

Patris Usada Clinic
Jl. Waturenggong No.2, Klungkung
Phone : 366-23262

Permata Bunda Clinic
Jl. Patih Jelantik 50 X, Gianyar
Phone : 361-942082

Prima Medika
Jl. Pulau Serangan 9X, Denpasar
Phone : 361-236225

Puri Raharja Hospital
Jl. WR. Supratman 19, Denpasar
Phone : 361-222013

RSUD Kapal Hospital
Kapal - Badung, Denpasar
Phone : 361-427218

Sanglah Public Hospital
Jl. Kesehatan No. 1 Sanglah, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227911
Fax : 361-226363

Sanjiwani Clinic
Jl. Nenas No. 2, Karangasem
Phone : 363-22239

Surya Husada Clinic
Jl. P. Serangan No. 1- 3, Denpasar
Phone : 361-235041

Tabanan General Hospital
Jl. Pahlawan 14, Tabanan
Phone : 361-811027

Toyo Clinic
Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud
Phone : 361-978078

Ubud Clinic
Jl Raya Ubud No.36 Campuhan, Ubud
Phone : 361-974911

Wangaya Public Hospital
Jl. Kartini, Denpasar
Phone : 361-222141

Most of the western victims of Bali Bomb I ended up ay either SOS, BIMC or Sanglah, with serious cases definitely going to Sanglah.


The traditional market of Bali " Pasar Badung "

Pasar Badung is the huge market area in central Denpasar, famous among locals. Today I drove Ika, Jevon and my mother-in-law there, to check things out. You never quite know how somebody will react to a place. A westerner could view Pasar Badung as a wonderful example of Asian culture, or a stinking example of lack of hygiene and organization. But how would somebody from Java view it? The market is located on Jl. Veteren and took maybe 20 minutes to get to, because of traffic and my driving. Parking across the road on the Jl. Kartini, a Parkirman (parking attendant) quickly got 2,000rp out of me.

There is no entry fee to the market, and our first stop was cruising some of the food vendors outside. Ika and her mother didn’t seem super interested in snacks, as they had each powered a huge bowl of rice, vegetables and tempe before leaving the house. I got a 5 sticks of ikan laut (mashed sea fish, grilled). The vendor asked for ‘empat ribu rupiah‘ (4,000rp) smiling. I offered ‘dua ribu rupiah‘ (2,000rp) and got it, her and the locals laughing. “You don’t know the local price, ” laughed one guy. No worries, I think 2,000rp is okay, and I know by now that hitting the ‘bule‘ up money is a national sport out here. In Asia, your market skills are constantly tested, nothing personal.

Walking around the edge of the market, Ika spotted a cake shop and picked out a bag to take home. Up on the 2nd floor, were bags of spices, sacks of ingredients and piles of garlic. Ika squealed as a mouse jumped off of a sack towards her. Ika’s mum bought a large feather duster for 15,000rp, which would cost 25,000rp-30,000rp in a regular shop. Also on sale were many large pieces of kitchen equipment, such as giant woks, the kinds used to cook pisang goreng (fried banana) at the night market.

Back outside we took a look at the fruit market, and saw wani’s, the mango like fruit with a creamy white meat, and giant mangos. The general consensus was pretty positive and I think Ika and her mother, would enjoy another visit, if they had things in mind they needed.


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A unique hotel in Sanur Bali

Sanur is an alternative beach resort to Kuta and Nusa Dua. It tends to attract Europeans, families and expats. The main street, Jl. Danau Tamblingan is long and seems like an unending strip of bars, hotels, shops and restaurants. Today my friend Mike took me to a cute little hotel along Jl. Danau Tamblingan, called Flashbacks. We met the Australian owners, Peter and Jan, who showed us around and chatted avbout the tourist scene. Flashbacks was designed and built by Peter, in the style of a Manado house. it has lovely hardwood floors, walls and bamboo / alang-alang roofs. When we entered the first thing we saw was the coffee house. Its cosy and the kind of place you’d want to stop, for a shady coffee and a sandwich.

Flashbacks offers a cool alternative to the usual mid range small hotels. The atmosphere, with the central lounge and the rear area around the pool, mean you get to meet other people. Jan told me that single travelers, who don’t want a resort, or a budget hotel, find Flashbacks the perfect alternative. Peter and Jan seemed super nice people, so having them on site, makes a great family type atmosphere.

They were saying the current slump has been hard to deal with. From the street, you may not realise such a stylish little place exists. Peter is in favour of making more access to the street, but Jan said she wants to keep things the way they are. “I want people to know there is something special back here, but not spoil the privacy.”

Peter and Jan have a great upstairs room available compete with large lounge, which enjoys the breeze from 3 directions, large kitchen, own bathroom and swimming pool below. Flashback is located near the Hardy’s supermarket in Sanur.

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Bali Background

Bali is an island that is about 60 miles wide and 40 miles long. It sits about 8 degrees south of the equator. It is north of Australia (3000 miles from Sydney); Southeast of Thailand (1,800 miles from Bangkok); and southwest of Tahiti. From Los Angeles, it is about a 18-hour plane flight (about 9,000 miles).
This is a very old civilization. The earliest known writings are from the 9th century. By this time, the island had its irrigation system in place and the agriculture matches, pretty much, what you see today.

Costs and the best time to visit? The high season, in terms of costs and crowds, is considered to be July, August, and December. Beter if you stay at Bali Villa

The water temperature is just a little cooler than the air temperature.
One of the things I think is most interesting about Bali, is the insect problem. In fact, there is no insect problem on Bali. How can this be on an island that is covered in water filled, rice paddies? On Bali, they have the closest thing I have ever seen to a ‘perpetual-motion machine’. It’s called DUCKS! They take their ducks out to the paddies during the day. The ducks root around for insects and larvae. They also relieve themselves in the paddies. So, to start, they are an insecticide and a fertilizer. Then later, the ducks are eaten! This takes care of a great deal of insects. But they also have insect eating birds, lizards (geckos), fish, eels, and bats. The majority of places we stayed had fishponds around the rooms to help take care of insects. (Mostly, this is for the wet season, we really were not bothered by insects, at all). One night we were having dinner in a nice place, which, like all places in Bali had open walls. I looked up and noticed several light bulbs up in the ceiling. Then I noticed that these light bulbs had no insects flying around them and no spider webs to catch these insects, like they would be back home. A little later, I found out why. Bats! About every 30-45 minutes a bat would fly through and, I guess, pick off a few insects. Natural insecticide!!

Language. Since Indonesia and Bali are so close to Australia, English is taught in the schools as a second language. Usually, folks want to practice their English with you. However, the language of Bali and Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesian. It is a very beautiful language. Just learning a few phrases in the local language will get you more smiles and warm feelings than you could imagine. Try this site (Learning Bahasa Indonesia) to help you learn the few words or phrases you'll need (they even have sound clips, so you can hear the word or phrase).


Bali Travel guide "Guide to transport in Bali"

"Transport, transport! You need transport? Bemo, Bemo, Bemo!" is an all too familiar catch-cry.

"No transport, saya jalan jalan!" The frustrated tourist's reply. Another bemo will pass by in a moment, and another chorus of the same song will be sung. Finding a ride is that easy!

Getting around on the tiny island is never a real problem, and there are plenty of modes of transport available to the traveller. Walking is the most basic way of getting around, and your own feet will serve you around the village, beach or resort area where you are staying. But to travel further afield, some other form of transport must be found.

Most travellers are satisfied to get about via bemo (chartered vehicles with driver), taxi (metered) or public buses (usually mini-buses, also known as bemos or colts). Whenever you are walking in Bali, you can be sure that the too familiar cry of "Bemo, bemo, bemo" or "Transport transport" will be heard emanating from almost every car that passes you by.

If the vehicle has a taxi meter, insist that it be used (unless you are very confident that you can negotiate the "best" price to your destination). Often, the driver will offer you a fixed fare, or will tell you the meter is broken. Don't believe it! The flagfall is about Rp.2,500 in meter taxi's, and a short trip across town could cost about Rp.5,000 to 10,000.

If the vehicle is a "private" bemo, and has no meter, you will have to bargain for the cost of the charter before taking the ride. This is often very daunting to those who have never haggled before, which is of course to the benefit of the driver. Some people prefer to offer a very low bid, then try to hold the driver to a small premium, while others allow the driver to open the negotiations, hoping to settle at about half the initial price.

A great benefit to the new arrival, is the sign at the airport, displaying the correct bemo fare to a number of the island's popular destinations. Use it as a guide to the fares you will pay whilst travelling between locations on Bali.

An alternative "do-it-yourself" way to get to Kuta from the airport, is to turn right when you leave the airport doors, following the path that runs alongside the international area toward the domestic terminal. Continue on through the airport gates, then about 50m down the road and cross over to the left-hand side. Simply wait around for a bemo to arrive. Public bemo's must pay a fee to enter the airport, so it is possible to save a few Rupiah by walking the first 100 or so meters yourself.

Public bemos and buses are by far the cheapest mode of transport, although the trip you take may often be via "the scenic route", and they are often very crowded. Long trips by public bus can be downright uncomfortable, and don’t be surprised to be sharing the ride with all kinds of produce and livestock!

The grid below indicates the approximate distances (in kilometers) and the times taken to travel between some of Bali's major centres. Note that the distances and times will vary depending upon your chosen mode of transport and factors such as whether direct routes are available. Travelling through the mountainous central and east coast roads can be slow, even over short distances.

Note that most public bemo routes are via Denpasar, and that interchanging is usually required. There are several bus stations in Denpasar and each services an exclusive part of the island of Bali. The list below indicates the bus stations and the major centres that they service.

For example: To travel by public bemo from Kuta to Lovina, you must catch the bus from "Bemo Corner" in Kuta, and travel to Tegal bus station. Interchange from there to Ubung bus station where you may catch the bus to Singaraja. Change to the local bus at Singaraja for the Lovina beach area.
Tegal bus station (services Southern Bali)...

* Airport (Rp.5,000 - 10,000)
* Benoa village (Rp.5,000 - 10,000)
* Kuta (Rp.5,000 - 10,000)
* Legian (Rp.5,000 - 10,000)
* Nusa Dua (Rp.5,000 - 10,000)
* Ulu Watu (Via Pecatu) (Rp.10,000 - 15,000)

Ubung bus station (services Northern and Western Bali)...

* Air Sanih (Via Singaraja) (Rp.8,000 - 15,000)
* Banjar (Via Singaraja) (Rp.8,000 - 15,000)
* Bedugal (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Gilimanuk (Rp.15,000 - 25,000)
* Kediri (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Lovina (Via Singaraja) (Rp.10,000 - 15,000)
* Mengwi (Rp.5,000 - 10,000)
* Tanah Lot (Via Kediri) (Rp.7,000 - 12,000)
* Negara (Rp.7,000 - 15,000)
* Singaraja (Rp.6,000 - 12,000)
* Busses to Java leave from here

Suci bus station (services the Balinese seaport of Benoa)...

* Benoa harbour (Rp.5,000 - 10,000)

Butu Bulan bus station (services East and Central Bali)...

* Amlapura (Rp.10,000 - 15,000)
* Bangli (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Besakih (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Bedulu (Via Gianyar) (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Candi Dasa (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Celuk (Rp.5,000 - 8,000)
* Gianyar (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Goa Gajah (Via Gianyar) (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Gunung Kawi (Via Gianyar) (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Kehen temple (Via Bangli) (Rp.7,000 - 12,000)
* Kintamani (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Klungkung (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Mas (Rp.5,000 - 8,000)
* Mt Agung (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Mt Batur (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Padangbai (ferry terminal for Lombok) (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Penelokan (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Tampaksiring (Via Gianyar) (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Tirtagangga (Rp.6,000 - 10,000)
* Ubud (Rp.5,000 - 8,000)

Kereneng bus station (services the Sanur area)...

* Sanur (Rp.5,000 - 8,000)
* Busses to Lombok leave from here

Wangaya bus station (services Sangeh)...

* Sangeh (monkey forest area) (Rp.5,000 - 9,000)

Interchange between the bus stations in Denpasar will cost about Rp.5,000 - 8,000.

All prices listed above are approximate, so any feedback would be appreciated to help others. Ticket prices will almost always increment in round numbers such as Rp.1,000, so allow up to that amount over the above prices to account for possible price changes.

As a rule of thumb, Rp.5,000 is the lowest fare for very short local runs, such as within a village or between nearby villages (although sometimes Rp.10,000 will be insisted upon) Longer journeys will cost more, however Rp.50,000 per person should be considered excessive for all but the very longest of trips.

Fares are generally payed to a collector, and are sometimes very "negotiable" for foreigners. You may be asked Rp.10,000 when the correct price (harga biasa) for the fare is Rp.5,000 or less. If you pay the correct amount (keep small notes for fares) you will rarely receive an argument.

Still, public busses are the way to experience places and people that you would otherwise have never seen, and if you take on the journey in the right spirit, you will find that getting to your destination is part of the fun and adventure of Asian travel!

Public bemos have set routes, and often you will find that the village you wish to get to is not connected directly via a bus route. You should try to find the best way to get to "point B" from your host before leaving your accommodation, or from a warung or bus station in the larger villages (ask for the correct price as well). Always try to double check transfers, and if necessary ask to be informed when you reach your destination.

Take care that in a crowded bus it may not be possible to keep your bags in sight, so always keep valuables such as passports, tickets, money etc. on you (in a moneybelt or hand-held bag).

The environment will thank you for using a bicycle to do your exploring. Many villages have a place where you can hire a bike for about Rp.8,000 to Rp.15,000 per day (sometimes a lower price may be negotiated, especially if the bike is old) An additional deposit may be required. Weekly rates are probably less.

Using a bike in Bali makes great sense, especially for exploring the backroads in places like Ubud and around Lovina. You can take your own time to see what you want to see.

Bring your own helmet and gloves if you feel more comfortable wearing protection.

Always check the state of the bike (brakes, chain, tyres etc.) and do not accept a faulty machine--you may be accused of breaking it when you return it later to the hirer, even if you don’t do yourself any harm.

Only you can tell how viable bicycling is (hilly areas may offer no problem to the fit and healthy, but, combined with the tropical heat, may cause unfit riders to back-pedal directly into a medical emergency).

Remember also, that Balinese road conditions are not always suited to long bike rides, there are many steep hills, and the traffic can be hazardous (Avoid the main roads and their crazy drivers. Buy a good map such as the "Bali Pathfinder" which is available in Ubud, and pick routes that will take you through the smaller villages). Most important to remember: ride on the left side of the road.

Motorbikes may be the answer for the do-it-yourself traveller who can ride one. A motorbike will take you to any part of the island at your own pace, and you'll see many interesting things that you couldn't get to see any other way.

The hire rate for a motorbike is usually more than double the rate for a bicycle, they require an insurance premium, and you must have a drivers licence, so be sure to have arranged for an international licence before leaving home, otherwise, you'll have to purchase a Balinese license, which requires a written test (but no driving test). Getting a Balinese licence is a waste of valuable time.

If you intend hiring a motorbike (usually a 100cc or 125cc throbber), be sure to check its condition, and to get a good helmet in the deal. Expect to pay around Rp.50,000 and over (depending on the age and condition) plus insurance.

Note that some of the small Asian bikes are capable performers. A 125cc bike such as the Honda Dream offers performance that will surprise even experienced motorcycle riders, and will easily carry a passenger, and even a few bags (we once rode a Dream about 15Km through winding hilly roads - three-up, with all of our backpacks on board as well)!

Motorbike accidents are one of the leading causes of injury to foreign tourists on Bali, and many of the roads are dangerously narrow, with cars, busses and trucks often overtaking the underpowered bikes even when there are oncoming vehicles!

Hire cars, usually tiny Japanese 2WD's or 4WD’s, are more expensive again (about Rp.250,000 and up, per day, but often less if hired for a full week). Larger more comfortable vehicles cost about Rp.400,000 and up. A hire car of course has the advantage that up to about four or five people may be carried, however as a long term hiring proposition they are probably out of the bounds of the budget traveller. Be sure to check the vehicle for damage or obvious problems before signing to hire it.

An insurance premium may be required (in addition to the hire rate), and you must have a drivers licence (minimum age conditions may also apply). The vehicles almost always have manual transmissions, and are right-hand drive (you must drive on the left).

Fuel stations in Indonesia are rarely serviced by automatic pumps. Don't be surprised if the fuel is poured into the car from coke bottles or cans. Typically, local drivers will only purchase the fuel they need for a single day (this may be wise, as it reduces the amount of fuel that can be stolen from your tank overnight!).

Beware of price rigging at fuel stations. The price for one litre of fuel is fixed at about Rp.800 to 1,000 per litre. Foreign drivers are regularly overcharged. The official price is listed at major fuel stations.

Tour buses and coaches are often unpalatable to the budget tourist except for undertaking the longest journeys, however some package tours include a complementary trip to the mountains, or to a special cultural event for instance. If they are required, tour bus tickets may be purchased at some hotels and almost any travel or tour agent in Bali at advertised fixed rates.

The crew and their long-distance bus
Above: Long distance busses are a an option for those wishing to travel to Java, Lombok and some other nearby islands (the busses cross between island on ferries).

A car with driver is probably the favorite option of most visitors to Bali. Typically costing about Rp.250,000 or so per day, this is like having a private tour bus, with the go-anywhere flexibility of a hire car. Most drivers are budding tour guides, and are willing to explain the stories associated with the common sights. Perhaps the largest drawback is that the drivers tend to follow a well-worn circuit of popular day-trip destinations, so be prepared to plan the sites you want to visit, and discuss your plans with the driver.

A few transport companies provide a medium cost long distance travel service which are well short of the luxuries of the large coaches, but far more convenient than the crowded public buses. Keep these in mind for transferring to a village on the other side of the island for instance. All prices are listed at the travel agencies (such as Perama travel) and are fixed.
Although crime is not prevalent in Bali, travelling by public bus does expose you to the possibility of having your bags rifled or stolen, and to being robbed by pickpockets. Be on your guard against theft, and be aware that you may not always be able to watch you bags. Keep you valuable possessions and documents in a money belt.

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A car with driver is probably the favorite option of most visitors to Bali. Typically costing about Rp.250,000 or so per day, this is like having a private tour bus, with the go-anywhere flexibility of a hire car. Most drivers are budding tour guides, and are willing to explain the stories associated with the common sights. Perhaps the largest drawback is that the drivers tend to follow a well-worn circuit of popular day-trip destinations, so be prepared to plan the sites you want to visit, and discuss your plans with the driver.

A few transport companies provide a medium cost long distance travel service which are well

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Bali Villa Rental

Ombak Luwung Estate
Location: Canggu - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1150| High Season: US$1450 | Peak Season: US$1800
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Villa Soma
Location: Jimbaran – 4 Bedrooms – Low Season: US$550 l High Season US$650 l Peak Season: US$750
One of Bali’s newest luxury villas, Villa Soma’s prime location in the Jimbaran bay 5 minutes from the Four Seasons Hotel offers amazing panoramic sea, hill and sunset views. The villa features modern architecture and interiors, two swimming pools and multiple indoor and outdoor living and dining areas over 4 levels. Villa Soma offers the unique combination of contemporary design, state of the art amenities and a distinctive personal touch

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Villa Waris
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Villa Waris luxury 3 bedrooms villa is one of the rare villas on Seminyak with a traditional Balinese style. Located in a tranquil area of Seminyak (Petitenget) close from the finest beach, shopping, dining and entertainment place of Bali, this villa is perfect to enjoy the true Bali.

Villa Emerald Sunset
Location: Canggu - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$400l | High Season: US$600l | Peak Season: US$800
Emerald Sunset is one of the best 4 bedrooms villa in Bali in term of modern architecture, location 300 m from the beach with sea view, up to date equipment, quality of service

Villa Nomade - Sumatra
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$250 | High Season: US$300 | Peak Season: US$350
Villa Nomade is a luxury 3 bedroom modern villa with Balinese touch situated just a few minutes walk from the beach in the Oberoi - Seminyak district organized around the large living area and the swimming pool and featuring all modern equipment and comfort.

Villa Sumatra - Sumatra
Location: Seminyak - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$500 | High Season: US$600 | Peak Season: US$700
Villa Sumatra is a luxury 4 bedroom villa situated just a few minutes walk from the beach in the Oberoi district, mixing the traditional architecture of Sumatra and the modern comfort and equipment as well as a lush garden boarding a river and comprising a large water salty system swimming pool.

villa Sumba - Sumatra
Location: Seminyak - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$350 | High Season: US$400 | Peak Season: US$450
Villa Sumba is a luxury 4 bedroom modern villa with Balinese touch situated just a few minutes walk from the beach in the Oberoi district organized around the large living area and the swimming pool and featuring all modern equipment and comfort.

Blue Horizon Villa
Location: Bukit - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$280 | High Season: US$350 | Peak Season: US$450
Villa Blue Horizon is a modern style 3 bedroom villa perched on the top of Balangan hill proposing a magnificent 180 degrees view on the Indian Ocean, the volcano and the main island of Bali. Located on the Bukit in the south of the island, the villa is 25 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from Jimbaran beach.

Villa Palm River
Location: Canggu - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$550 | High Season: US$650 | Peak Season: US$750
Palm River Villa is a 5 bedroom villa combining modern and Balinese style with a large swimming pool. Located in Canggu, the building is integrated with a nice terrace stepping down from the road to the river boarding the property and surrounded by rice fields.

Villa Dadi
Location: Canggu - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$500 | High Season: US$550 | Peak Season: US$600
Dadi Villa is a large five bedrooms villa combining modern and Balinese style with a well shaped swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Located in Canggu, the villa, overlooking terrace rice fields, is 15 mn from Nirwana golf course, one of the famous in Asia and from Seminyak the best shopping, dinning and nightlife of Bali.

Villa Mehndi
Location: Seminyak - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$150 | High Season: US$200 | Peak Season: US$250
The villa is situated in one of Bali's most desirable locations, in an intimate rural
environment described as a "romantic hideaway", Umalas district yet only 10 minutes from the beach, shops, nightlife and upscale restaurant of Oberoi.

Villa Pelangi
Location: Seminyak - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$390 | High Season: US$490 | Peak Season: US$590
This is the heart of Bali's premier cosmopolitan holiday resort, Seminyak offers everything you need to enjoy a vacation. The property is close and a walking distance to the beach plus a huge variety of boutique galleries fine restaurants, trendy cafes and all kinds of bars and night clubs.

Villa Karang Putih
Location: Bukit - 6 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1270 | High Season: US$1800 | Peak Season: US$2300
Karang Putih Villa is a tremendous 6 bedroom villa situated on the edge of the extraordinary Bukit cliffs in the most southern-west part of Bali , offering an infinite view on the beach and sea right below. This superbly appointed villa provides all the magic of Balinese lifestyle.

Villa Liamika
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$450 | High Season: US$550 | Peak Season: US$700
Villa Liamika is a luxury 3 bedroom villa located right in the heart of Kerobokan Oberoi, renowned to offer the finest restaurants, bars and hotels. Only five minutes walking from the beach, Villa Liamika is a small island of tranquility in the middle of this most dynamic and enjoyable area.

Villa Tangga
Location: Canggu - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1500 | High Season: US$2000 | Peak Season: US$2000
Villa Tangga is a modern luxury 5 bedrooms villa with a unique architecture style. Magnificently facing the ocean on a 5200 m2 property, this villa provides ultimate comfort and unparalleled views over rice paddies on one side, and the famous Canggu surfing beach on the other side.

Villa Bunda (4 Bedrooms Golf Villa)
Location: Tabanan - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$390 | High Season: US$485 | Peak Season: US$525
Villa Bunda is a luxurious and exquisitely designed private home situated within the 100 hectare Nirwana Bali. Enter the villa through traditional Balinese gates where you will find lush tropical gardens accompanied by fish ponds which sit either side of the front entrance allowing each of its guests to experience a peaceful ambience.

Villa Senja (3 Bedrooms Golf Villa)
Location: Tabanan - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$310 | High Season: US$360 | Peak Season: US$410
Villa Senja is a privately owned luxury villa set within the stunningly beautiful 100 hectare Nirwana Bali Golf and Spa resort. Overlooking the prestigious Greg Norman signature golf course it is suitable for families or couples seeking beauty, tranquillity and exceptional service.

Villa Home
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$320 | High Season: US$450 | Peak Season: US$450
This 3 bedroom villa is situated a short walk away from the beach and Indian Ocean in one of the most sought after addresses on the island, Batu Belig (meaning slippery rock). You will be within a few minutes drive from all the best restaurants on the island, and yet undisturbed by traffic noise, other than the odd falling coconut to disturb the peace, this is the ideal location if you are looking for tranquility, but also to be in the middle of things.

Villa Sirocco
Location: Seminyak - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$315 | High Season: US$500 | Peak Season: US$600
Villa Sirocco unusually large size has to be seen to be believed. The large pool and tropical garden area make it a unique, palatial, relaxing Villa.
Villa Sirocco provides absolute privacy and is conveniently located within the established Hotel Villa Lumbung property. An area especially developed for private villas with its own entrance. Just minutes from Legian Beach, and great Restaurants in the fashionable Seminyak area.

Villa Avatara
Location: Canggu - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$900 | High Season: US$1000
Plunging on the Yeh Sungi River in a tropical environment, Avatara Villa hides magnificently in an utterly private and natural landscape. Appointing impeccable services and luxury, this superb 4 bedroom villa has been designed to offer a unique feeling of freedom and relaxation anywhere on this pure and spiritual property. A few minutes drive will bring you to Seminyak center, the Nirwana international golf course and many of Bali 's cultural sites.

Villa Istimewa
Location: Seminyak - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$400 | High Season: US$450 | Peak Season: US$500
Welcome to one of the most sought after addresses in Bali.
Located right in the heart of Seminyak, minutes away from the Beach and a short stroll to all the fabulous shops, restaurants and trendy bars , Villa Istimewa is set well off the main road in a luscious secluded garden.

Villa Pantulan
Location: Ubud - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$700 | High Season: US$1000
In the quiet, unspoiled village of Lodtunduh, three kilometers south of Ubud, Villa Pantulan is a luxury 5 bedroom villa which overlooks verdant rice fields and Mount Batukaru. From the moment our gates are opened, you enter a world of enchantment, seclusion and tranquility, far from the noisy, crowded beach hotels and busy roads of Bali.

Villa Beach House Trawangan
Location: Gili Trawangan - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$350 | High Season: US$400 | Peak Season: US$450
Beach House Trawangan has created a villa that blends harmoniously with its rugged setting using traditional design and techniques together with the sensitivity to the local environment. This is a villa for those wishing to escape the beaten track place to do so in style and comfort.

Villa Maridadi
Location: Canggu - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$800 | High Season: US$1200
With over 40 meters of private beach frontage Villa Maridadi has the ultimate sunset panorama with views over to the Jimbaran Bukit headland in the south over a Balinese temple set on a large rocky outcrop in the ocean to the Java coastline in the west and the cloudy peaks of Gunung Agung to the north.

Villa Kusuma Sari
Location: Sukawati - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$500 | High Season: US$600 | Peak Season: US$700
Villa Kusuma Sari 3 bedrooms luxury villa situated at midway between the Sanur beaches and historic Ubud it offers its guests equal access to both Bali.
The sounds of nature chant the hymn of serenity, while the surrounding lively portraits present simplicity in harmony. What a wonderful get away !

Villa Lamu - Taman Wana
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$455 | High Season: US$650 | Cottage: US$100
Set within a natural coconut grove, just a few minutes walk from the beach in the Oberoi district, Villa Lamu is a luxury 3 bedroom villa contained within the Taman Wana Private Estate. Infused with personality and set amid bursting tropical foliage, the villa is a melody of carefully chosen antique furnishings and architectural features.

Villa Sumba - Taman Wana
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$400 | High Season: US$500
Set within a natural coconut grove, just a few minutes walk from the beach in the Oberoi district, the three-bedroom Villa Sumba is an example of understated tropical elegance. The villa rests within the Taman Wana Estate, a private collection of three villas in one of the most exclusive areas on the island.

Villa Tioman - Taman Wana
Location: Seminyak - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$340 | High Season: US$400 | Cottage: US$100
Villa Tioman 2 bedrooms luxury villa is part of Taman Wana group of three villas, in a very natural and peaceful environment. The lively Seminyak area and its sand beach are right next to the villa, and the aiport is 25 minutes drive.

Villa Tanju Bali
Location: Canggu - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$750 | High Season: US$1250
Villa Tanju Bali is one of Bali's very few absolute oceanfront Villas located on a cliff with access to Cemagi Beach. Villa Tanju Bali is located just beyond the quiet and picturesque Balinese Village of Mengening along a winding village road lined with paddy fields and featuring substantial Balinese Temples and massive Banyan Tress.

Villa Santai Seminyak
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$280 | High Season: US$320 | Peak Season: US$350
Villa Santai is a recently refurbished 3 bedroom villa nestled in a beautiful tropical garden with scattered coconut palms, natural stone swimming pool. This luxurious villa is located in the heart of Seminyak, walking distance to shops and restaurants and three minutes drive to the beach.

Villa Joty
Location: Kerobokan - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$600 | High Season: US$800 | Peak Season: US$800
Villa Joty is located in Kerobokan area, in the outskirts of Umalas village, famous for its beautiful rice field landscapes, actually facing the villa. This 4 bedrooms luxury villa with its two pools, three fish ponds and outdoor Jacuzzi surrounded by a tropical garden is a serene nature backdrop only 2 km from the living and fashionable Oberoi area.

Villa Dream River
Location: Canggu - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$500 | High Season: US$650 | Peak Season: US$900
Dream River Villa is a large 4 bedrooms villa combining modern and Balinese style with a well shaped swimming pool. Located in Canggu the building is integrated with a nice terrace that steps down from the road to the river boarding the property and surrounded by rice fields.

Villa Atas Ombak
Location: Seminyak - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1250 | High Season: US$2000 | Peak Season: US$2400
Atas Ombak villa is one of very few private five bedroom villas in Bali with a wonderful 100 m beach frontage, located within 10 minutes away of Seminyak, the finest shopping, dining and nightlife of Bali.

Villa Cemara
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$250 | High Season: US$330
Despite its modest surface, this 3 bedrooms villa has nothing to envy from other villas in term of location, convenience, equipment, artwork or charm. The modern design gets along very well with the adapted Balinese structure and high standard amenities. A walking distance from Seminyak center and 25min drive to the airport.

Villa Ombak Laut
Location: Canggu - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1000 | High Season: US$1500
Set at the end of a village road that winds peacefully through Balinese villages featuring Balinese Temples and huge Banyan Trees surrounded by faddy fields, the villa and its surrounds capture the very essence of Balinese culture whilst only 30 minutes from Legian / Seminyak.

Villa Sungai Tinggi
Location: Canggu - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$950 | High Season: US$1400
Sungai Tinggi Villa is one of very few private four bedrooms beachfront villa in Bali nestled on its exotic tropical garden with direct access to Canggu Beach. Located just beyond the quiet and picturesque Balinese Village of Pererenan; within 20 minutes away of Seminyak, the popular shopping, dining and nightlife area of Bali; within 35 minute drive from the Airport.

Villa Bungadesa
Location: Seminyak - 6 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1250 | High Season: US$1875 | Peak Season: US$1875
Bungadesa villa is one of very few private six bedroom villa in Bali with a wonderful beach frontage and on the side the famous rice field terrace, located in a quiet place within 5 minutes away of Seminyak center, the finest shopping, dining and nightlife area of Bali.

Villa Art De Vivre
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$350 | High Season: US$450 | Peak Season: US$500
L’Art De Vivre villa is a new 3 bedrooms villa featuring a large swimming pool. Its simple modern design makes it a really pleasant villa to live. Located in a tranquil area of Seminyak, close from the beach, shops and restaurant.

Villa L'as Kasas
Location: Seminyak - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$250 | High Season: US$350 | Peak Season: US$350
L’as Kasas villa is a new 2 ensuite bedrooms villa. Its modern stylish design makes it a really pleasant villa to live. situated in a vibrant area of Seminyak, close from the shops and some of finest restaurant in the island.

Villa Hanani 'Frontbeach'
Location: Jimbaran/Bukit - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1375 | High Season: US$1500
'Hanani Frontbeach' 4 bedrooms luxury villas are out looking right at the Jimbaran bay. A private access to the beach allows you to benefit from all water sports and relaxing activities. Renowned restaurants and magnificent sunsets on this quiet beach will make your stay fantastic and memorable.

Villa Hanani 'Gardens'
Location: Jimbaran/Bukit - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1250 | High Season: US$1375
'Hanani Gardens' are two identical 3 bedroom villas located on the frontbeach of Jimabaran bay, 10 minutes from the airport and Kuta city. These 2000 m2 properties stand right behind Hanani Frontbeach villas. Besides its rare location, Hanani villas offer prestigious luxury and services to make sure guests' wishes are fully satisfied. A private 50 m walkway gives a direct access to the wonderful and calm beach of Jimbaran bay, ideal for water sports and relaxing on the sand or the private beach-shelter.

Villa Gajah Putih
Location: Canggu - 6 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1050 | High Season: US$1500 | Peak Season: US$2000
Gajah Putih villa is one of very few private five bedrooms villa in Bali situated on the beach with its immense vegetable garden, back yard and tennis court. Located within 20 minutes away of Seminyak, the finest shopping, dining and nightlife area of Bali, this outstanding villa is surrounded by rice field terrace in a traditional Balinese village.

Villa The Istana
Location: Bukit - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$1000 | High Season: US$1500 | Peak Season: US$2000
The Istana is a five bedrooms palace perched high atop dramatic cliffs offering a spectacular view beyond the tropical and water gardens that compose the estate, located in Uluwatu on the southeastern peninsula of Bali.

Villa Plumeria
Location: Sukawati - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$600 | High Season: US$720 | Peak Season: US$1080
Plumeria Villa is a very secluded 4 bedroom villa situated on Bali 's highlands in the outskirts of Sukawati village. With a breathtaking 180° view plunging on the river Patanu and the facing hill, this wonderfully integrated villa in the natural environment is unique for its spirit and serenity.

Villa Garden - Serene
Location: Seminyak - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$315 | High Season: US$420 | Peak Season: US$525
Villa Garden is a 3 bedroom luxury villa in a group of four villas named Serene Villas. It's modern design, artwork and comfort blended with balinese style roof proffer an harmonious appeasing feeling. Beach and major highlights of Bali are walking distance from Serene Villas.

Villa Hibiscus - Serene
Location: Seminyak - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$250 | High Season: US$300 | Peak Season: US$400
Villa Hibiscus is one of the four Serene Villas. located in a quiet road joining the Oberoi famous road in the heart of Seminyak. This modern villa with balinese touch hosts two bedrooms in a verdant property a walking distance from the beach.

Villa Frangipani - Serene
Location: Seminyak - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$250 | High Season: US$300 | Peak Season: US$400
Serne Villas count 4 villas among which Villa Frangipani : a 2 bedrooms villa with complete modern design, both indoors and outdoors. This quiet property provides a true feeling of relaxation, which contrasts with the entertaining area of Seminyak a stone's throw from the villa.

Villa Lotus - Serene
Location: Seminyak - 1 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$120 | High Season: US$150 | Peak Season: US$175
One the the few single bedroom villa with private plunge pool and all the modern amenities required for a maximum convenience in a journey in Bali. Part of the Serene Villa complex, its location is ideal for both enjoying the Seminyak beach and greatests highlights, and privacy in this cozy villa.

Villa Sin Sin
Location: Kerobokan - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$390 | High Season: US$440
Villa Sin Sin features three luxuries two bedrooms private villas with their private swimming pool and entrance, but with connecting door to each other to be rent by the same family. Situated in Kerobokan the villa is only 10 minutes from the beaches, Seminyak and is shops, famous restaurants and night life places.

Villa Sawah
Location: Kerobokan - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$450 | High Season: US$650 | Peak Season: US$750
Villa Sawah is a 5 bedroom villa in Balinese style decorated and furnished with antiques, sitting atop 6000 m2 of lush tropical garden with a unique large croissant shaped swimming pool that follows the natural contours of the rice fields. The villa is situated amid the tranquil village of Umalas, ten minutes away from the finest shopping, dining and nightlife of the island.

Villa The Maharaj
Location: Seminyak - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$420 | High Season: US$500 | Peak Season: US$580
The Maharaj is a 4 bedroom villa combining modern and Balinese style with a well design swimming pool. Located within walking distance of Oberoi beach, the Maharaj is in the heart of the new center of Bali with his best restaurants and entertainment places.

Villa Sembilan
Location: Seminyak - 6Bedrooms - Low Season: US$650 | High Season: US$850 | Peak Season: US$1250
This five bedrooms luxury villa is located in the fashionable Legian area a few minutes walk to the sand beach of Seminyak. The lastest modern amenities appoint this recent property, keeping a Balinese touch and architecture to enjoy the most of balinese lifestyle aside the most trendy area of Bali.

Villa Surya Damai
Location: Kerobokan - 5 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$700 | High Season: US$1000
Surya damai is a new built high standard 5 bedrooms villa designed around a traditional Balinese style open-sided living room overlooking a long swimming pool and a large luxurious tropical garden. The villa is situated on the edge of the village of Umalas, 30 minutes from the airport few minute from the beach and to the best Bali shops, finest restaurant, entertainment places of Bali.

Villa Pangi Gita
Location: Canggu - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$500 | High Season: US$600
Pangi Gita is a Balinese style 3 bedrooms high standard villa set upon a sloping crest and bounded by the river on a rich tropical garden. Located in Canggu the villa is close to Nirwana the famous golf course and the best shops, restaurants and night life places of Seminyak.

Wantilan Villas
Location: Nusa Dua/Bukit - 3/4 Bedrooms - 3 Bedrooms : US$1285-1600 | 4 Bedrooms: US$1900-2400
This community of two 4 bedrooms villas and one 3 bedrooms villa is situated within the world renowned Bali Golf Country Club in the southern tip of Nusa Dua Bali. These outstanding luxury villas offer breathtaking views in a superb peaceful environment.

Villa Bali Bali Cottage
Location: Kerobokan - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$160 | High Season: US$185 | Peak Season: US$225
Bali Bali Cottage is a 160 m2 three air conditioned bedroom including a single bedroom built around a spacious living area. The only 12 m2 whirlpool of the villa is situated on the large shower shared with the mezzanine bedroom.

Villa Bali Bali One
Location: Kerobokan - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$380 | High Season: US$465 | Peak Season: US$550
Bali Bali One is a 280 m2 3 bedrooms villa with a large open plan living area, a mezzanine lounge and formal dining room. The master bedroom includes a secluded seating terrace, an ensuite bathroom with a circular sunken tub and wooden decked shower. The two other bedrooms share a twin basin bathroom.

Villa Bali Bali Two
Location: Kerobokan - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$295 | High Season: US$360 | Peak Season: US$425
Bali Bali Two is a 240 m2 2 air-conditioned bedrooms villa including a living area at the center of the building, with a dining room and modern kitchen. One of bedroom opens on the pool and its ensuite bathroom features a wooden floor and twin marble basins. The other has its own private garden and its ensuite bathroom features a Jacuzzi. Next to the villa, the swimming pool signs a modern design and a wooden deck running down one side.

Villa Banyan Estate
Location: Kerobokan - 6 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$950 | High Season: US$1500
Banyan Estate is a magnificent newly renovated 6 bedrooms villa dominated by an ancient and massive banyan tree. The long pool, the gymnasium and the bales are part of the charm of this villa situated amid the tranquil rice fields of Kerobokan and only ten minutes away from the finest shopping, dining and nightlife of the Island.

Riverside Villas One (Four Bedrooms)
Location: Canggu - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$360 | High Season: US$425 | Peak Season: US$495
The Riverside Villas are your personal Shangri-La. Set within a Balinese village in Kerobokan and surrounded by green belt rice fields, the Riverside Villas are skirted by a tranquil river that borders all three properties.Riverside Villas One open plan design allows views over the landscaped garden and onto the cascading river from every area of the villa, be it the bedroom, dining/ living room or mezzanine entertainment area.

Riverside Villas Two (Two Bedrooms)
Location: Canggu - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$225 | High Season: US$250 | Peak Season: US$325
The Riverside Villas are your personal Shangri-La. Set within a Balinese village in Kerobokan and surrounded by green belt rice fields, the Riverside Villas are skirted by a tranquil river that borders all three properties.Riverside Two terraced, landscaped grounds look down onto the living area, which is laid out around a split-level central living area for all to enjoy.

Villa Tandeg
Location: Canggu - 2 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$175 | High Season: US$250
Tandeg villa is a 2 bedroom villa with luxury accommodation. It is located in Canggu area, famous for its surfing beach just 5 minutes from the villa and wonderful rice paddies landscapes, right in front of the villa.

Villa Tandeg Besar
Location: Canggu - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$250 | High Season: US$350
A cool-stoned pathway through an arched flowering bougainvillea canopy leads you to a double door entryway. Step into villa tandeg besar and enter a simply designed, thoughtfully appointed refuge with a breathtaking rice terraced view, a full lenght swimming pool and all the amenities desired to relax and enjoy.

Villa Istana Semer
Location: Kerobokan - 4 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$550 | High Season: US$700
Located in a very peaceful area, only a few kilometers to both beach and Seminyak center, Istana Semer luxury 4 bedrooms villa is famous for offering a great view on the rice paddies and its own surrounding tropical garden beautifully landscaped.

Villa Inti
Location: Canggu - 3 Bedrooms - Low Season: US$395 | High Season: US$445 | Peak Season: US$495
Villa Inti is a traditional Balinese style three rooms villa including a nice looking swimming pool, located on a small hill in Canggu amongst the rice field terrace and coconut trees.

Villa Sumatra Complex
Location: Seminyak - 11 Bedrooms
Amidst lush gardens, Bali Villa Sumatra is a delightful Tropical Retreat set between the jungle with fully coconut tree and the pristine beach in Batu Belig.

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